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As service professionals, we know that time is money. Our job is to take over your accounting tasks so that you have time to focus on selling, product development, or even customer service. With Tri-County Bookkeepers you'll have accurate and timely financial information. Having a bookkeeper is not a cost, it's an asset!


We offer full-service payroll with detailed, easy-to-read reports. Call, fax, or email employee hours and within 24 hours we will have your payroll checks to you. No more worrying about filing deadlines, payment calculations, or return preparation. What a relief!


We help to identify situations unique to YOU in order to save you money. With opportunities existing in education planning, retirement planning, business planning, and more, Tri-County Bookkeepers wants to make sure that you're aware of these opportunities and that you're taking advantage of them.


What kind of liability protection do you want for your business? How profitable will your business be in its first years of operation? How will the business be financed? These questions along with many others need to be addressed in order to choose which business entity will best suit your needs. All of the entities available have tax advantages and disadvantages. Our job at Tri-County Bookkeepers is to analyze your business situation and help you choose the entity which will maximize the advantages and minimize the disadvantages.


Every year returns are selected for audit either randomly or as a result of certain "red flags". Don't be caught unprepared. At Tri-County Bookkeepers we can assist you through the entire audit process. With over 55 years of experience, it's good to know that you have us on your side.


Many things can happen over the course of a year that can impact your tax situation. We would like to meet with you so we can proactively identify where you stand.


Whether you're thinking about buying a business or a new home, a little financial analysis goes a long way. We will walk through the details of the transaction in order to determine it's feasibility and/or to identify tax savings opportunities that might exist if the transaction is set up appropriately.